Counselors for Social Justice (CSJ) - Bronx

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Sha-Toria McCoy Graduate Student 2023 Member at Large
Hi, my name is Sha-Toria McCoy-Gregg, a graduate student in Mercy College’s Mental Health Counseling program and I am in my fourth semester. I possess a background in case management services for a community-based organization that provides affordable housing, case coordination and community organizing. I pride myself in being engaged in community and advocacy efforts alike. I am a student member of the ACA, AADA, ACAC, CSJ, AMHCA and NYMHCA. When I reflect on what justice means to me, equity and action is what comes to mind. Sure, equality is important, but it does not include representation. Equity does. Breaking racial divides and social constructs can only be done through an equitable and individualistic lens. Action is putting equity into motion. I put equity into motion 2020, by marching in Washington as a NAN member. I also did it in 2007 when I advocated support for Senate Bill 1342, The Healthy Teens Act. Change is happening all around us, and we have the platform to lift our voices. For those, whose voices have been silenced and those who have yet to discover their own.
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