Orientation Leader

The Orientation Leader (OL) position exists within New Student Programs to welcome and acclimate new students to the campus during New Student Orientations. OLs will play a vital role in helping facilitate the transition of new students by providing students and their families information about College programs and services. Through a variety of experiences and opportunities, OLs have the power to make a positive and lasting difference in the Mercy College community and develop great leadership and résumé-building skills in the process.

Resident Assistant

Resident Assistants are valuable members of the Office of Residential Life, serving as counselors, advisors, educators, and mentors for the duration of an academic year. The Resident Assistant (RA) is committed to developing an inclusive community that enhances and supports students’ academic, social, and cultural development. The RA position requires flexibility, adaptability, and enthusiasm. In addition, the position will require that the RAs are visible, accessible, and available residents within their own community and the residential community at-large. The RA will be responsible for enforcing and abiding by all College policies and federal, state, and local laws both on- and off-campus throughout the duration of employment.

College Navigator

Help students transition/adjust to and through the institution by offering information and support. Teach and reinforce student skills for success (ex: time management, study skills, enrollment system). Act as a referral source to their fellow students. Three to four times a semester programs are planned, hosted, and facilitated by the College Navigator. Hold regular office hours for students to meet 1:1 or in a group. Provide general information to students. Enrich Mercy services by offering student perspective, increasing opportunities, and delivery methods. Referrals: refer student to campus and web resources including career exploration, advising, tutoring, financial aid, student accounts, etc.